Tapas Magazine: El Hotel del Chocolate

This is how you sleep (and eat) in the first chocolate hotel in Madrid

El Indio Chocolatería Boutique Hostel in Pinto is the first hotel dedicated to chocolate in Madrid. The 22-room hotel is inspired by the Incas, the Maya and the Chimu culture of Peru. From the 15th it will be renamed El Indio chocolateria Boutique. Hotel is in homage to that chocolate factory on Luna Street, in the heart of the capital, which delighted the most gourmandly since its foundation in 1848

One room is inspired by the Incas because they say that cocoa was born under their empire. Another is the Chimu culture of Peru, a country where the greatest variety of this type of delicacy in the world is concentrated. Then there would be that of the Maya, for whom it was a sacred food. And that of the Trinidad, which transported so many tons from America to Spain.

There is also the one that recalls the Extremaduran conquistador Hernán Cortés, for whom chocolate was «a divine drink with which you could run a whole day» without having to drink anything else. And so on until we reach the 22 rooms of the new Chocolate Boutique Hostel in Pinto, the first hotel dedicated to chocolate in Madrid. And one of the few in Spain. And the planet.


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